Lovely Day: The Best of Bill Withers

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Lovely Day: The Best Of Bill Withers

First Released: 2010

Commentary: Forget the other compilations, this focuses on the early 70’s period in far more detail than the other albums, and in that sense it wipes the floor with the other compilations. Even if you own the other compilation there are at least 7 classic funk/soul/blues tracks that are only on here. Kissing My Love, Lonely Town, Lonely Street, Better of Dead, Sweet Wanomi, I Dont Want You On My Mind, Take It All In-Check It All Out, The Same Love That Has Made Me Laugh (has made me cry), I Don’t Know and some live tracks, plus all the other classics on the other compilations.

Bill Withers was and is a lyrical and musical genius that I would honestly put up there with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Robert Johnson etc. Withers’ is a lost and forgotten genius who has graced us with some of the most mesmerising soul music not only of his generation, but any generation.

But best of all it’s downright dirty, gritty and funky!!!!!!

–Mr. K. Sinclair ( review)

Track List

Disc: 1
Ain’t No Sunshine
Use Me
Lean On Me
Kissing My Love
Grandma’s Hands
Do It Good
Who Is He? (And What Is He To You?)
Better Off Dead
Make Love To You Mind
Moanin’ And Groanin’
Let It Be
Lonely Town, Lonely Street
Watching You Watching Me
Let Me In Your Life
I Don’t Know
Hope She’ll Be Happier
Disc: 2
Take It All In And Check It All Out
Lovely Day
Soul Shadows
I Want To Spend The Night
Hellow Like Before
Oh Yeah!
Green Grass
Can We Pretend
Heartbreak Road
Lovely Night For Dancing
Grandma’s Hands
I Can’t Write Left-Handed
Use Me
Let Me In Your Life
Lonely Town, Lonely Street